Art in El Charco

Sabrina Gaydos. Prickly pear.

The landscape and natural beauty of Charco del Ingenio and the conservation work of the site and its natural components have attracted many very talented artists and creators, both local and foreign, since its inception. Numerous painters, engravers, sculptors, photographers, musicians, dancers and theater performers have found inspiration in the Garden. And some of them have generously offered their works to benefit the conservation project. In a special way we thank the collaborations of plastic artists Pedro Friedeberg, Keith Miller, Sabrina Gaydos, Marisa Boullosa, Edgar Soberón and Rocío Ríos; by the sculptors Wilhelm Holderied, Eduardo Olbés, Dana Aerenlund and David Kestenbaum; photographers Jennifer Haas, Carlos Avilés, Richard Cretcher, Wayne Colony, Márgara de Haene and Rodrigo Vázquez; musical composers and performers Jimena Giménez Cacho, Horacio Franco, Liliana Felipe, Michael Hoppé and Guillermo Velázquez; of the actress and theater director Jesusa Rodríguez, and of the inventor artist Ariel Guzik.

Reed Balls by Hermes Arroyo

Annually in the month of March, on the occasion of the spring equinox, the Botanical Garden offers musical and theatrical presentations, which take place inside the Charco del Ingenio canyon, whose rock formations make up a large natural amphitheater, endowed with unique acoustics. In addition to representing a means of raising funds, these concerts, begun in the year 2000, have brought diverse and high-quality musical groups to San Miguel, attracting large audiences.

El Charco has also been the scene of artistic encounters, such as those ofLand Art, exhibiting ingenious works and installations, based on natural elements of the site.

Eduardo Olbes, cloudmirror