How to Collaborate

Since its inception in 1991, the Charco del Ingenio environmental conservation project has been a civil and community initiative, independent of any government institution or body. Thanks to the support of individuals and groups from the local community, as well as sympathizers from other backgrounds, it has been possible to establish and develop this unique conservation effort in San Miguel de Allende. As a non-profit organization, the need for financial support is permanent.

Social service or professional practices

If you are currently studying high school or university, we invite you to be part of our team.
The Botanical Garden has different areas and important activities for its management. 

Research Projects

The academic theses contribute to decision-making for the management of the site, as well as the generation of knowledge for its scientific dissemination. 


This is the easiest way to financially support the Botanical Garden, while obtaining the following benefits:

  • Unlimited free entry for the holder and two guests
  • Discounts on activities and events in El Charco
  • Monthly E-Newsletter Subscription

The membership card has an annual cost of 900 pesos, and can be obtained at the reception of the Botanical Garden. You can also download the form from this site, print it and send it, either to acquire the membership or to renew it.


Whatever the amount of the donation, it can be made simply and directly to El Charco del Ingenio AC, in cash or by check, bank transfer or PayPal.

El Charco del Ingenio AC can receive tax-deductible contributions. In the case of US nationals who request deductibility, the donation may be made through the San Miguel Community Foundation (SMCF), based in San Miguel de Allende.

Economic contributions to the Botanical Garden are applied in different ways, as provided to the donor:                                 

  1. Current expenses of operation and maintenance of the Garden.
  2. Specific activities or tasks, foreseen in the annual Work Program of the Botanical Garden (new facilities, infrastructure improvements, equipment, gardening, staff training, environmental education, etc.).
  3. Investment fund of the civil association (placed in a bank account), to guarantee the subsistence of the conservation project in future cases of adversity or contingency).

If you use the PayPal system through San Miguel Community Foundation by clicking on the button below, please write in the description box 'Donation to Charco del Ingenio AC'), so that the contribution is directed to our organization.