In this place no person is discriminated against because of their nationality, ideas, beliefs, ethnic origin, social condition, physical appearance, disability, gender identity or sexual preference. Only respectful behavior is required towards the natural and cultural elements, the people and the facilities of the site.

  1. During the tour girls and boys must always be accompanied by an adult. Please stay within the trails and observe the greatest care in risk areas.
  2. The site is a smoke-free space. Smoking, lighting incense and campfires can cause fire and destroy the Garden.
  3. Please conserve the landscape of the reserve as it is.
  4. We appreciate the silence. The loud sounds frighten the animals and disturb the tranquility of this zone of peace.
  5. Consume only the food offered by the cafeteria and exclusively in the area designated for it.
  6. Private sessions (photo and/or video), drone use, classes of any kind or activities that use spaces on the site require prior written permission from the Management.
  7. Leave plants, animals, seeds and rocks in their natural space, which is El Charco del Ingenio.
  8. When you come to visit us, leave your pets at home.
  9. Balls, kites, toys and musical instruments must be kept out of the Garden.
  10. Removing and throwing stones or any other object can harm the fauna, flora and people.
  11. Park and secure your bike outside.

Leave only your footprints; take only memories.

  • It is forbidden to introduce alcoholic beverages or any type of drug.
  • For reasons of ecological balance, it is not allowed to introduce plant material and/or the release of fauna from outside the reserve.
  • The natural area can register physical changes due to unforeseen meteorological causes. For this or any other reason, the Botanical Garden is not responsible for accidents that occur within the reserve.
  • The Garden does not have space or parcel service. We are not responsible for losses or thefts that occur within the facilities.