Our Publications

The publications on El Charco del Ingenio are reading and consultation materials focused on scientific dissemination, and can be purchased at the store of the JBotanical garden.

Guide to Birds of Charco del Ingenio

Spanish text by Landy Orozco et al.; photographs of Susan and Wayne Colony. Edited by the Botanical Garden, in collaboration with the Institute of Ecology of the Government of Guanajuato. 2014.

$300 MXN

20 Charco del Ingenio Trees

20 Charco del Ingenio Trees, 2nd edition. Bilingual booklet with photographs, originally published by the Botanical Garden in 2006, within the series Cuadernos del Charco, and updated in 2013.

$60 MXN

Wild and wonderful: nature up close in the botanical garden “El Charco del Ingenio”

(Wild and Wonderful: An Approach to Nature in the 'El Charco del Ingenio' Botanical Garden). Text by Walter L. Meagher and photographs of Wayne Colony. W&W Publishing, San Miguel de Allende, 2008.

$250 MXN

Wild Flowers of San Miguel de Allende

Text and photographs by Richard Cretcher, with the collaboration of the Botanical Garden. Author's edition donated to El Charco del Ingenio AC, San Miguel de Allende, 2010. 2nd edition. Bilingual field guide with photographs by the author for the identification of flowering plants in Charco del Ingenio and the San Miguel region, published in 2006. Author's edition in collaboration with the Botanical Garden.

$150 MXN