Our new welcome center

The renovation of our reception and the construction of the Charco Interpretation Center continue. The pace of construction, despite its forced decline due to the health contingency, has not stopped, thanks to the generosity of El Charco's friends and donors. This work, which marks a milestone in the history of the Botanical Garden, has already made considerable progress and is slowly approaching its inauguration. The new visitor center will strengthen the commitment with the community of San Miguel to conserve and study the regional flora, as well as promote a culture of respect and love for nature. We will continue working to achieve this dream, for which we require the financial support of the community. All help is important to continue!

The new design will be a functional space with strong and simple structures inspired by local historical forms. It is run by an architect, José María Bilbao, and an exhibition designer, Marco Barrera Bassols, both highly talented and experienced in creating public and natural spaces. Municipal permits are currently in process and we aim to start construction in the coming months. The work will be carried out in a way that does not hinder access to the Garden, as well as to be able to continue with the services of the gift shop and the cafeteria.

The approximate budget for the entire project will be 5,000,000 pesos (about 280,000 USD). We have already received financial support for preliminary work. But broad economic participation is necessary to achieve our goal. That is why we ask you, the community of members, friends, collaborators and lovers of El Charco, for a generous financial contribution to complete the project. We are pleased to announce that several benefactors have pledged to match any contributions we receive for this project. This will mean that any amount you contribute will double in value towards our fundraiser for the construction of our new visitor center!

US tax-deductible contributions can be made through the San Miguel Community Foundation (sanmiguelcommunityfoundation.org) by making the notation “for El Charco del Ingenio visitor center.”

I would be happy to personally share more information, including plans and renders for this planned project. We will also be holding several briefings on this, and will be regularly reporting on progress through our monthly Newsletter and subsequent communications. Donors will be recognized publicly in a variety of ways, including a panel in the remodeled area.

We are convinced that this is a wise investment that will solidify our institution in this region and throughout the nation. El Charco and San Miguel deserve it.

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new reception2

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new recepcion
new reception


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care for cacti

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