June 2022 Newsletter


To preserve the natural and cultural heritage of El Charco del Ingenio, and maintain a botanical garden dedicated to the conservation and study of regional flora and ecosystems, with a primary focus on environmental education.


Vol. XVII, No. 06


With great satisfaction we inform all visitors, members and friends of the Botanical Garden that, finally, after a long and eventful construction stage, the new El Charco del Ingenio reception was inaugurated last February. This includes a new Interpretive Room, which offers, in an entertaining and substantial way, relevant content on the El Charco del Ingenio ecological reserve, the conservation project and the watershed where the Botanical Garden and city are located. The new interpretive module, open to all audiences, is part of the educational mission of our organization, aimed at building a culture of love and care for the natural world, with special attention to the youngest population in our society.

The opening ceremony was consollidated with a simple ceremony by the mayordomías (indigenous form of organization) of Ojo de Agua and Valle del Maíz, communities of San Miguel de Allende that preserve ancient traditions and have supported the biocultural heritage that El Charco del Ingenio has represented for more than 30 years. During such event members of the scientific and artistic communities of our municipality and from other parts of the country attended, representing through science and art the triple mission of the Botanical Garden: biocultural conservation, environmental education and scientific research.

The new reception of El Charco has been possible thanks to the harmony of many efforts: architects, engineers, museum designers, editors, interior designers, gardeners, iron workers, carpenters, etc., gathered in various work teams, as well as the contributions of numerous contributors that made this relevant project a reality. To all of them, infinite thanks (and an apology in advance for any possible omission).CREDITS:

Architectural Concept
Peter Alvarado · Marco Barrera Bassols · Jose Maria Bilbao · El Charco del Ingenio

Architectural Design:
Peter Alvarado · Studio 15B

Engineers and Work:
Hyacinth Estrada · EMAG Engineering

Marco Barrera Bassols · MUSEUM

El Charco del Ingenio · louis franke ·
Maguey Nursery

Eduardo Olbes

Gift Shop (Furniture)
Francisco Motta


Montemiro · Gillian & Peter Neumeier Foundation · Community Foundation for Monterey · San Miguel Community Foundation · Hernan Drobny

Kahren & Michael Arbitman · Mark Deutschmann · Regine & Francois Sicart · susan edelstein · Unitarian Universalist Fellowship · Vanguard Charitable · Maria & Goerdt Abel · Ronald Thomas

William Peters · Terry & Jack Reinhart · Francisco Rios Jimenez · Richard Gullan · Linda Whyman · Barbara Erickson · Honey Sharp · Fisher-Weisman · Andy Blair · William Lee Ginager · Carolyn Stutts · C Jobe · Guilt King · Christopher Hixson · Monica Gerez · carol jackson · Margot Dufrene Ketz · Eduardo Adame · QR Minerals

Kenneth L. Hillenburg · Leon Horowitz · Stephen Livingstone · Michael Pope · Marilyn Link · Christine McReynolds · Jimena Gimenez Cacho · Ray Miles · John Chapman · William Lipsey · Steven Goldstein · Joshua Ehrlich · Rod & Glenna Copeland · Alfredo Alcantara · Phyllis Pitluga · Ed Laun · Richard Mason · Joy Levine · Victor Hackl · Matthew Carroll · Daniel Neuspiel · David Zi Enterprises · Richard Plewa · Luke Rich · Dale Braiman · Robert Merchasin · Gregory Diamond · klaus schmidt · Weston Young · Deborah Chlebana · George Yatskyevich · Alberto Gonzalez Varela · Emiliano Sanchez · Kathleen Shepherd · naomi zurcher


El Charco del Ingenio is part of the largest network of botanical gardens and plant conservation experts in the world: BGCI (Botanical Garden Conservation International), an organization that represents botanical gardens in more than 100 countries. Its mission is to link members putting together global participatory strategies in order to ensure the diversity of plants for the well-being of people and the planet.

First symposium of plant families in Mexico with ethnobotanical importance

From June 1 to 3, 2022, as part of the Ethnobiological Gardens of Mexico, El Charco del Ingenio, together with gardens of Campeche, Mexico City, Durango and Veracruz has organized the first symposium of “Families of plants in Mexico with ethnobotanical importance” . Everyone is invited to follow a program of 16 conferences where outstanding botanical specialists will tell us about the plant diversity of our country.

Follow the conferences through FB Live: https://www.facebook.com/elcharcodelingenio

The new Charco Visitor Guide

The new design of this guide allows the visitor to explore and discover the spacious area of the botanical garden and access magnificent views of the natural monument which is El Charco del Ingenio. The guide contains a suggested tour and shows a network of trails, accessible and guarded, in addition to offering information about the various points of interest in the reservation: exhibitions of plants, viewpoints, sanctuaries of birds, historical ruins …


The common or best known names of the Ferocactus histrix in Guanajuato are huamisha, biznaga orborachita. This is a slow growing cactus and can reach a height of up to 1.50 meters. Its structure is globular. It consists of ribs, its thorns are strong and it is very resistant to drought. With Its fruits popsicles, ice cream and refreshing water of a sweet and sour flavor are made. Do you know another name for this plant?


We have received several invitations, mostly by University institutions, to show the documentary on their campuses.

This month there will be presentations at the Technological University of San Miguel de Allende, as well as the Technological University of the North of the State (Dolores Hidalgo).

How do 5 communities of the semidesert of Guanajuato relate to native plants of their region? Find out in this documentary; An audiovisual summary of participatory research over a year to preserve Mexico's biocultural heritage. It was carried out thanks to the collaboration between El Charco del Ingenio and the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACYT), within the project: “Establishment of an ethnobotanical garden in the state of Guanajuato”

Patient Hunters: Pitangus sulphuratus

Although its from the flycatcher family, it seems to like a more varied diet, since we have seen it not only feeding on flying insects, but also waiting patiently in the ponds and puddles to hunt small fish and FROGS! Identify it by its mysterious mask, bright yellow chest, long and robust beak and especially for its strong call that will make you turn to see it.


We ask all members to carry their membership card and register in the entrance book every time they visit the Botanical Garden. Thank you for your support!


Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am – en español

Tickets are 150 pesos for non-members and 100 pesos for members

Soul gifts, musical gifts: Thank you, Michael Hoppé

It is very moving to see the ways in which people and sectors of our community support El Charco del Ingenio, a territory that has given peace, joy and nature to its users and visitors during the months of the pandemic.

Michael Hoppé is a renowned composer and musical producer, born in the United Kingdom and inhabitant of San Miguel since the 80s. As an active member of the Botanical Garden, he has offered a lovely gift to El Charco, inspired by the daily walks he realizes on the trails, in the company of his wife Monica. The work, Under Mexican Stars is a musical piece that takes us to the most beautiful landscapes of Mexico or a night stroll through the cobblestone streets of San Miguel.

Listen here:


Graphic work of four creative women from San Miguel de Allende:

Marijose Marin, Marisol Guerrero, Paquina Langenscheidt and Rocío Ríos

Available in our gift shop: 300 pesos