OUR MISSION: To protect and preserve the natural and cultural heritage of El Charco del Ingenio, developing a botanical garden dedicated to regional flora's conservation and study, and committed in building an environmental culture in society.

1.- Restore and ensure the maintenance of a natural area of ecological, scenic and historical importance, removing it from the encroaching urban sprawl of San Miguel de Allende, for its conservation as well as public use and enjoyment.

2.- Establish and develop a botanical garden dedicated to the study, appreciation, protection and propagation of native flora, particularly those from the desert and semi-desert regions of Mexico.

3.- Recuperate and promote the traditional knowledge and practices of local communities with regard to plants, animals and other natural resources.

4.- Establish and develop a Environmental Education Center, directed toward children and youth of both rural and urban zones of the municipality, in order to create a culture of respect for and conservation of the natural environment.

5.- Make the botanical garden a community gathering place, open to and inclusive of all sectors of society in San Miguel de Allende, as well as foreign visitors.

6.- Achieve economic self-sufficiency, primarily through the botanical garden's own income, supplemented by donations and funding for specific projects.
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